According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is listed as one of the top 5 health concerns for all of North America and Canada. As many people spend 90% or more of their time indoors, they encounter a variety of pollutants. Addressing these concerns is very important! 

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With 750,000 new asthma cases each year the challenges with air quality are getting worse, not better. Also, as homes are built tighter to retain the energy required to more efficiently heat and cool them, we are holding these pollutants inside the home.?  


 there are products that can help clean your air and make it healthier and safer for you and your family to breath. with our 4 in 1  ReFinne Air Portable Air Purifier,  you will feel safe and secure like never before. 

Our Unique RefinneAir Purifier is the solution everyone has been looking for.  It comes with 5 powerful feature that you can not say no to if you value  the air you breathe. 

POSITIVE EFFECT ON YOUR HEALTH– With Suitable area 10 to 12sq cube, Produces Therapeutic Levels of Negative Ions While Keeping Ozone Levels Exceptionally Low with Pollution of Pm 2.5. Build With True E Nanotechnology that are known to work 5x better to Remove 99% of all Airborne By Triggering up to 8 million Negatively Charged Electrons that Statically Attracted to Airborne Particles Like Dust, Mold, Odor, Pet Danders And Other Pollutants And Potential Allergens. Great and Safe For Pets & Children.With Air Purifier, people affected seasonal allergies will find relief with an improved quality of breathable air that holds less allergens, germs, and other forms of bacteria.

POWERFUL TECHNOLOGY– Contains 4 in 1 Filtration. PURIFICATION- 5 level of purification process with Effectively E NanoTechnology PP Air Filter Washed and Reusable. It will not Create Second Pollution or Propagate Bateria. This technology cleans microscopic particles down to 0.05 microns. DEODORIZATION- using Activated carbon. AROMATHERAPY- Aroma oil tray for your own Aroma oil scent. STERILIZATION- Air Ionizer with ion device which prevent certain bacteria to grow. room size 125 sq ft. High Intelligent Hong Kong Technology developed Air Purifier to be able to provide customers with an Easy to Use Portable Purifier at an affordable price point.

ECO FRIENDLY– Comes with advanced filters that allow for a higher Air flow lower noise level 30db (Barely Perceptible To Human Ear) Has LED lighting. Can Be Left Running All Day. Low Voltage Less Energy consumption. Ozone Free with Zero Material Consumption. Absorbs Air Contaminants Including Formaldehyde, Second-Hand Smoke, Odor, 0co2, Benzene, Ideal for Visitors, kids Room, Student Dorms, Frequent Flyer, Hotel Room, Strollers, Tough on Eliminating Car Odors Fits In Car Cup Holder. Pet owners find allergy relief because Air Purifier removes pet dander and unwanted odors from the air a Level 2 & 3 Air purifier

LASTING ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY, ANIMAL-SAFE MATERIAL:Our filter is proven to be 5 times better than many Filter and economical. They are Great at removing clearing pet hair, fur, dander, dust and mold from the air.Our filter features a stable base that can be set to an upright position so that it easily fits on your desk, counter top, or car cup holder. Use all day long without any tech issues.

Operation is easy thanks to LED lighting and intuitive buttons and light weight NanoTechnology.

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