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Simplicity and focus are at the heart of our business

Intelligent Systems

We have the knowledge, capabilities, experience and resources to deliver smart system solutions geared to solve your business issues and grow. See how your business future should look like


Businesses succeed when they understand the lifetime value of each customer, allowing them to provide better products and services. We help businesses automate time-consuming tasks with our proven plan to maximize profits


Getting started is no problem, sustaining, and maintaining revenue growth MoM is not easy and that's why we are here. Scale and Maximize profits so you can focus on your passion.

OUR Fields of expertise


​Difficulties in Scaling

The our analysis process helps you determine what is working well in your business, what could be improved, what opportunities are available to you and where your business may be vulnerable.​

This is for you if your organization ​wants to scale their operations smoothly and efficiently to maximize ROI



Optimize Performance & Data

Optimization is what keeps your business growing. By integrating different systems and technologies, we help you streamline processes and eliminate manual effort, reducing the likelihood of errors and delays.

This is for you if you want totrack, optimize, rinse your metrics right and avoid duplication to gain Max return on profits-

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More Customers and Happier Customers Equals more Happy  Money. We Make Entrepreneur's Life Easier in Every Way.  Let The Systems Work For You. Talk to Jen at 1gconnect


Lack of data visibility

Successful businesses have one thing in common: they have a razor-focused culture that keeps their eye on their mission.​ By integrating data from various sources, organizations.

This is for you if you want free your time gain a more complete view of your operations and make informed decisions.

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For New Visionaries

I believe that the world needs more impact-driven CEOs that want to stay aligned with the changing World around. It's no longer a question of "IF" something can be done—it's about what tools, process and culture we need to embrace to get there and solve the right problem for the world!

This is for you if you need a unique strategy plan that blends both traditional and value based to stay at the top

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Your Business Certainty Starts with a Discovery Call




Hi, I am Jen Wanjiku


Case Study: visionary board

Working on Warehouse management system integrations. Managing and optimizing order workflows. Automated data capture and enterprise resources planning systems implementation.


Working on Filing system and marketing including LinkedIn integration, Automation, and CRM

E & E Law Firm

Work Done: Marketing and Online presence. Build integrated website and CRM, SOP, KPIs and Scaling with analytics to find the best lever

SlyShands Fairtrade

YoY system and management with influence on marketing, branding, and online presences.


About 1GConnect

At 1Gconnect, we believe in universal connection for all. Without human connection, we are dead. We transform businesses by managing intelligent systems, automation. and coaching. With the right model, error free, up to date, faster, smooth, and reliable systems and processes, you are bound to have massive growth and plenty of free time to generate predictable growth while holding your TRUE values and mission.

SMALL firms are gaining faster global reach from the internet. In an internet-enabled organization, also called an electronic business, a organization with a specific Niche, Tribe and the Efficient Cabability Model can become the channel master of the world. Will this be your company?

We believe in organization mission value, thus we started with our entrepreneurship in mind, who have a great deal and need to connect with the personal true visions values. Hence we offer an unparalleled automation and consultation experience by delivering exceptional, hassle-free customer service.

We value quality, leverage, and honesty above all else. We know how exciting it is to spend your time on what you do best, so we strive to carry a unique but straightforward process that delivers beyond expectations so you can spend time doing what you are made for. Your purpose. As you may know, a successful visionary has a defined mission and vision value. We help you bring this purpose to fruition by using proven models and systems and implementing them to work for you. Work smart, not hard, and put a pinch of love.

We also know that time is precious, so we made the qualification questionnaires to get the right dedicated CEOs and scale fast.

Let us help you get more growth, Seamless Visibility, and Traffic connection.

Our ultimate goal is to create a loyal entrepreneur base to retain our services stress-free and worry-free.

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When you join me on your free 30-minute strategy session, we will cover our findings in detail. We will also create a unique strategy plan, regardless of whether we work together or not. Either way you will be guaranteed to get a ton of value from our time together.