A Traditional Coach and a Collaborative Coach

ITakes Two Entrepreneur Coaches TCreate a Great Coaching Model 


Jen Wanjiku (1Gco) A vision-driven change agent with current long record of supply chain pricing analysis, cost and forecast strategies, business coaching development, team leadership, cost reduction processes and overall digital transformation expertise for product or service e-commerce industry

I Help Dedicated E-commerce Coaches Achieve an Effective Value Based Business with Unique Transformation Digital Techniques that Scales while Holding their True Vision and Realizing what I call "Happy Money"

  • TRANSFORMATION: I have transformed several businesses from traditional based model to a collaborative value based reoccurring high ticketed monthly enterprises within months by leveraging the same systems and outsourcing methods. I offer practical information and tools that are implemented in companies almost immediately. I believe that the world needs MORE impact-driven CEOs. I focus on exchanging my value and reinvesting in less privileged entrepreneurs with one great connection.


  • MOTIVATION: I'm motivated by seeing emerging businesses transform with a positive shift in a visionary's lifestyle. My passion for helping small and midsize entrepreneurs grew by giving free coaching services over the years and later turning these entrepreneurs' dreams outcome into scalable collaborative enterprises. Leaders recognized me for my unique ways of implementing tools and innovations (problems as solution) that save time and or add revenue. Hence I believe in One Great Connection! "Your Happy growth is my Happiness, our Freedom."

  • EXPERIENCE: I have over 22 years of experience in organizational marketing strategies and optimization with a strong emphasis on demand and business system transformation strategies. I love to merge my world by continuously learning the best innovative scaling models and automation to scale and transform business radically. 

  • SUCCESSES: I made her first fortune when I was 23 years. I come from a diverse culture in Kenya. In my early years, I worked as a sourcing products display in Fortune 500 Companies, including Proctor & Gamble East Africa, Reckitt Benckiser, and as a global distributor to major supermarkets. Because of my passion for helping businesses transform and scale from an early age, my clients referred to me as a business doctor. Yes, I prescribed, diagnosed, and offered business solutions and insight to scale-up

  • LIFE: I am also a Supply Chain Profession with a degree in Accounting and Finance. I can tell insightful stories with data. When I am not learning about tools, I am either out running with my dog, biking or having a great walk with my husband. I love to travel and I love nature and meditation, I am a GAIA fan and Mindvalley tribe member. A believer in Delt's model

  • PURPOSE: I am here to help emerging CEOs free their time and generate Happy Money & Happy more Clients who believe in their business vision and mission value.

FAMOUS QUOTE: ITakes NOT One but Two Entrepreneurs TCreate a Great company by Simon sinek  [ A CEO and an intelligent system ]

It is no longer a question of "if" something can be done, but rather "what" tools do I need to drive to the bottom line? I am not an IT or computer science guru, but I have the connection to take your business to the next level. Everything I offer will set you up for long-term success.


 SAMPLE of Delt's model- A entrepreneur's dream




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